Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will my dog be walked off lead?

A: Only with your permission… We will only ever have dogs off their leads in safe areas.

Q: Will my dog be safely transported?

A: We are fully insured to transport pets and we have a small business van with ample sized, fixed compartments with enhanced comfort to ensure that the dogs are fully protected and relaxed during transportation.

Q: I’m nervous about letting you be in charge of my dog, can you reassure me?

A: We promise to care for your dog as if he/she were our own and we promise to make common sense decisions and never take risks.  Dog Welfare is my top priority.

Q: Do you take bitches that are in season?  

 A: We would prefer not to take a bitch in season on a group walk, simply because it can cause problems with controlling the other dogs in the group.  We would prefer to walk with her solo, on her lead, so that she gets the exercise she needs.

Q: What if my dog is unhappy?

A: Your dog will be closely observed whilst out. We deliberately keep our groups small to be attentive and engaging with all the dogs we care for and will always encourage great fun and great exercise and we will always report back if they seem a little under the weather or unhappy for any other reason. Any issues or problems will be discussed with you straight away.