Fun Dog Agility – Pop-Up Agility Parks, Beginners Courses and monthly Classes

Qualification:– Fun Dog Agility Coaching Diploma (BCCSDip.FDAg) DISTINCTION – British College of Canine Studies – February 2018


Dog Agility involves a handler and dog working together as a team, to negotiate anything up to 20 obstacles in a course. The dog is guided round by the handler using verbal and visual instruction.

It was first seen as a display during an interval at Crufts in 1978 and it was an instant hit; nearly three decades on, agility is a hugely popular international sport as well as a great recreational activity.

The difference between ‘Fun Agility’ and ‘Competition Agility’ is that with Fun Agility there’s no pressure involved to be fast or fabulous!

The main purpose is for the dogs to have fun, burn energy, feel a sense of achievement, improve their confidence and it’s a great way to enhance your communication and bond with your dog.  It’s a recreational activity for you and your dog to enjoy together.

Fun Agility is for all dogs, large and small, young and old, learning at their own pace and having great fun doing so!  There’s no negative reprimanding at all… it is run by positive reinforcement only.

The overall benefits of Fun Dog Agility

  • It’s great exercise (both physically and mentally)
  • It can be a great activity to channel some instinctive behaviours.
  • It helps with their confidence and focus.
  • It strengthens the bond and communication between you.
  • Agility is GREAT FUN for both of you!!
  • The dogs can enjoy the challenge and achievement no matter how slow or fast their learning capacity is.

There are different ways to enjoy Fun Dog Agility with Dogs Club!

More specific info below these highlights **SCROLL DOWN FOR forthcoming dates**

1.  ** Pop-up Fun Agility Park ** – Set up as a course with training size equipment learning/practicing/having fun by running the course.
👉Pop ups are perfect for using once or twice p/month as a regular recreational exercise with your dog! £5 for unlimited time – No pre-booking required.

2. ** 4 Week Courses for Beginners ** – Gradual progressive learning with full/large size equipment, building up to running a full size course. Just £40 per 4 week course – Up to 5 Dogs/handlers per class

3. ** Booster Classes ** – Using the big equipment, with a more challenging set up.  Mastering the use of all the equipment and incorporating further handling techniques. Just £10 per class – Up to 6 Dogs/handlers per class

4. ** Handling Classes (Intermediate level) ** – After you’ve attended a beginners course…. Working on challenging sequences, focusing on handling techniques, using selected full/big size equipment. Just £10 per class – Up to 6 Dogs/handlers per class

5. ** 1-2-1 classes ** – Tailored to your requirements – Any level can be coached in our 1-2-1 sessions (beginners to advanced) Just £16 – for 30-40mins

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Puppies are not allowed to jump until they are over 6month old, and only low heights up to 18months.

Puppy Jump Bumps

Young puppies are not ready to take any impact due to their growing/developing bones, so we use Puppy Jump Bumps for training very young dogs to prepare them to go over jumps used in dog agility. 

The idea was designed to start with puppies at 4-6 months of age, which is the formative age for learning problem solving.  Therefore exercises with the Puppy Jump Bumps are designed more for teaching them problem solving, helping with spacial co-ordination and is not necessarily focused on jumping.

Nya working the Puppy Bumps!

4 Week Beginners Course


(These Courses run through the Summer months only)

  • £40 for a 4 week course.
  • Progressive learning with large size equipment.
  • Introducing new obstacles each lesson.
  • Last class will be a full course set up.
  • Up to 5 dogs/handlers per class

Class 1 – Tue 4th May
Class 2 – Tue 11th May
Class 3 – Tue 18th May
Class 4 – Tue 25th May

(Class times: 5pm or 6.30pm)

Class 1 – Sat 5th June
Class 2 – Sat 12th June
Class 3 – Sat 19th June
Class 4 – Sat 26th June 

(Class time: 9.30am or 11am)

Class 1 – Tue 6th July
Class 2 – Tue 13th July
Class 3 – Tue 20th July
Class 4 – Tue 27th July 

 (Class times: 5pm or 6.30pm)

Class 1 – Sat 4th Sept
Class 2 – Sat 11th Sept
Class 3 – Sat 18th Sept
Class 4 – Sat 25th Sept  

(Class times: 9.30am or 11am)

  • No Classes during August this year due to previously arranged commitments.
  • The next run of 4 Week Beginners Courses will start APRIL 2022! – However 1-2-1 sessions are also a great way to learn, although you don’t have the social aspect. (Further 1-2-1 info below).

Tuesday evening Classes Location: The Recreation Pitch, Hollingdean Park, off Lynchet Close, Brighton BN1 7DY – (The carpark is at the top of the off-road track on the left, just up from the Children’s playground and skate park).

Saturday morning Classes Location: Braypool Recreation Ground (by RSPCA), Braypool Lane, Brighton BN1 8ZH  – (the carpark is at the far end of the long lane).

Let the fun Begin!

Booster Classes(after completing a Beginners Course)

  • Using a full set of big kit (as learnt in the beginners course)
  • Mastering the use of the equipment and focus technique and positioning.
  • Introducing new handling techniques.
  • Individual monthly classes.

NEXT BOOSTER CLASSES * Advanced bookings only *

  • Saturday 9th October 2021 – 9am, 10.30am, 11.45am – 1hr/£10 per dog/handler – FULLY BOOKED
  • Saturday 13th NOVEMBER 2021 – 12.30pm – 1hr Class – £10 per dog/handler

At: Braypool Recreation Ground, Braypool Lane, by RSPCA, Brighton BN1 8ZH

Intermediate Handling Classes – (after completing a Beginners Course)

  • Using a challenging lay out with selected large size equipment.
  • Learning and using new handling techniques to progress more efficiently.
  • Focus on your communication with your dog.
  • Focus on handling techniques to negotiate more challenging sequences.
  • Individual monthly classes.

NEXT HANDLING CLASSES * Advanced bookings only *

  • Date tba! – 9.30am – 1hr – £10 per dog/handler

At: Braypool Recreation Ground (by the RSPCA), Braypool Lane, Brighton, BN1 8ZH

 1-2-1 ClassesTailored to your requirements

  • A lovely to way to learn from scratch because we totally focus on you and your needs.
  • We use all the same large size equipment.
  • Progressive learning… learning new obstacles and introducing handling techniques each session.
  • ** Reduced ** Just £16 for 30 – 40mins

1 – 2 – 1 Fun Agility Classes * Advanced bookings only *

  • I’ve decided to review the cost of our 1-2-1’s… so with effect from August 2020 – the cost will be £16 for a 30-40 minute session.

(This is a set reduction of 20% from our original price of £20)

Pop Up… Fun Dog Agility Park  – A Playground for Dogs!

  • Set up as a course with training size equipment
  • Learn/practice/have great fun as a regular form of exercise/play with your dog
  • Just £5 per dog/handler (for unlimited time)
  • Different locations each time
  • For beginners and intermediates – dogs from 6mths old+ only
  • No need to book! Just come along and enjoy!

NEXT POP UP AGILITY PARKSNo advanced booking needed

Next Date: SATURDAY 30th OCTOBER – 11.30am – 1.30pm.

  • Just £5 for unlimited time!
  • At: The old Bowling Green, Preston Parka FULLY ENCLOSED AREA just between The Rotunda Cafe and the Tennis Courts!
  • We will have our Puppy Jump Bumps for young pups to have a go too! – (see further up page for info on Puppy Jump Bumps)

How to use the Pop Up Fun Dog Agility Park…

  • 1️. Learn/practice/enjoy running the course.
  • 2️. Repeat as many times as you wish… progressing together each round.
  • 3️. Enjoy this recreational sport with your dog – it’s great fun with lots of benefits!
  • A great way to channel your dogs focus and communication with you…
  • Keeping him/her fit, both mentally and physically!