Fun Dog Agility – Pop-Up Agility Parks, Beginners Courses and Intermediate Handling Classes


The difference between ‘Fun Agility’ and ‘Competition Agility’ is that with Fun Agility there’s no pressure involved to be fast or fabulous!

The main purpose is to have fun, burn energy and enhance your great communication and bond with your dog.  It’s a recreational sport for you and your dog to enjoy together.

Fun Agility is for all dogs, large and small, young and old, learning at their own pace and having great fun doing so!  There’s no negative reprimanding at all… it is run by positive encouragement only.

The overall benefits of Fun Dog Agility are:-
  • It’s great exercise for your dog (both physically and mentally wears them out!)… and great exercise for you too!
  • It helps with their confidence and focus.
  • It allows the dogs to have fun and enjoy the challenge and achievement no matter how slow or fast their learning capacity is.
  • It helps to strengthen the bond and communication between you both.
  • Agility is GREAT FUN for both of you!!

There are different ways to enjoy Fun Dog Agility with Dogs Club!

More specific information below these highlights, with forthcoming dates for your diary!

1.  **Pop-up Fun Agility Park** – Set up as a course with training size equipment learning/practicing/having fun by running the course.
👉Pop ups are perfect for using once or twice p/month as a regular recreational exercise with your dog!

2. **4 Week Courses for Beginners** – Gradual progressive learning with full size equipment, building up to running a full size course.

3. **Handling Classes (Intermediate level) ** – The next stage after you’ve attended a beginners course…. Working on challenging sequences, using full size equipment.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE – Puppies are not allowed to jump until they are over 6months old, and only low heights up to 18months.

4 Week Beginners Course

  • £40 for a 4 week course.
  • Progressive learning with large or full size equipment.
  • Introducing new obstacles each lesson.
  • Last class will be a full course set up.
  • Taught in a fully enclosed space.

Advanced Bookings only

Courses will return next April 2020!

  • Location: The Recreation Pitch, Hollingdean Park, off Lynchet Close, Brighton BN1 7DY (follow the off road track on the left, just up from the Children’s playground and skate park.)
  • ​There’s a car park at the top of the off road track…
  • Each class lasts approx 50-60mins
  • Please note: Bookings will be taken on a first come first serve basis…
  • There are just 5 dogs/handlers in each class, so please book early to avoid disappointment!

Intermediate Handling Classes – (after completing a Beginners Course)

  • Using a challenging lay out with selected full size equipment.
  • Learning and using new handling techniques to progress more efficiently.
  • Focus on your communication with your dog.
  • Focus on handling techniques to negotiate more challenging sequences.
  • Ongoing classes (rather than a set course).
  • Just £10 per class.
  • Up to 6 Dogs/handlers per class.

NEXT HANDLING CLASSES * Advanced bookings only *

  • Saturday 5th October 9.15 – 10.15 am Postponed!
  • Braypool Recreation Ground, Braypool Lane, Brighton BN1 8ZH

 1-2-1 sessions

  • £20 for 30-40mins – please ask for further information.

Pop Up… Fun Dog Agility Park  – A Playground for Dogs!

  • Set up as a course with training size equipment
  • Learn/practice/have great fun as a regular form of exercise/play with your dog
  • Just £5 per dog/handler (for unlimited time)
  • Different locations each time
  • For beginners and intermediates – dogs from 6mths old+ only
  • No need to book! Just come along and enjoy!


  • Sunday 20th October 2019 – Withdean Park (11am – 1pm)  Withdean Park, Peacock Lane, Brighton BN1